Achievements to date

It is a long road to net zero but we are committed to doing as much as we can, when we can. There is still a long way for us to go but we are proud of our achievements to date.


We’re full of bright ideas

LEDs, smart meters, carbon off-setting just some of the ways we’re tackling our energy usage. Operating large venues like ours undoubtably uses a lot of energy, but with our comprehensive plan of creative initiatives this is minimised as much as possible.


Waste not, Want not

We’re all about prevention, making sure that as little waste as possible gets back into the environment.  For the bits that do, we are constantly looking at alternative and more environmentally friendly management methods.


Making waves with H20 savings

We saved nearly a billion litres of water in ten years at the NEC alone! With hundreds of toilets and taps across our venue portfolio water saving continues to be an important initiative.


A hub of activity

At the heart of the UK transport network it’s easy to reach us by road, rail or air.  We support visitors and organisers in thinking about more sustainable ways of travelling to us by, by looking at how we can drive change through our own practices.

Green Fingers

Wild at Heart

We’re passionate about protecting the natural environment around us.

Engaging Stakeholders

Sustainability Champions

Sustainability is something we believe passionately in, both as a venue, but more importantly as individuals. We also believe it is key to achieving long-term growth for both our customers and ourselves, which is why it is embedded into all our daily operations.

Food Sourcing

Responsible tastes even better

With the help of our in-house caterer, Amadeus, we bring to the table quality produce. We believe in sourcing food responsibly.