Our measures for safe and controlled event environments 

We live and breathe live events but ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our customers, organisers and staff is always our top priority.



We all have a shared responsibility in helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The NEC Group is committed to providing a safe environment for our customers, visitors, staff, contractor and partners. In order to achieve this, we have a number of measures in place and are asking everyone to behave in a safe and responsible manner.

We confirm that the NEC Group venues have complied fully with the government’s guidance on managing risk of COVID-19 and have additional measures in place that we are encouraging visitors to follow to keep everyone safe.

The measures compromise of:


1. Safe

Prevent Transmission: 

All NEC Group staff are completing twice weekly tests to ensure that they are free of infection. Our partners OCS and CBRE are subject to the same strict testing
• The NHS QR code will be displayed at the entrance to all of our venues, whilst it is no longer a condition of entry we would encourage all visitors to check in

We are asking individuals NOT to attend our venues if they…

• Are displaying symptoms of COVID-19 (a high temperature, new and persistent cough, or a loss of/change in sense of taste or smell), even if these symptoms are mild.
• have been asked to self-isolate because they have been exposed to a person with COVID-19
• or live with an individual who has symptoms of COVID-19

Face Coverings: Whilst it is not a legal requirement to wear face coverings, for the safety of yourself, other customers and our staff we advise visitors to wear face coverings on the shuttle buses and in our venues when you are in close proximity to others. Venue and event staff will also be wearing face coverings

Ventilation: In line with government guidelines we will provide the optimum amount of fresh air to all spaces to minimise the risk of covid-19 transmission. This includes a full recommission of our mechanical ventilation equipment and the upgrade of our filtration to match the standards used recently by the NHS Nightingale Birmingham hospital and w will supplement all areas with natural ventilation through the opening of doors and windows if necessary. Due to the requirement to maximise fresh air in each space, there may be occasions where ambient temperatures and comfort conditions are less than ideal, and some spaces may feel hot or cold and some may experience excessive draughts.

Security: We take the safety and security of our visitors very seriously and we are constantly reviewing our safety measures to ensure that they are effective and proportionate. We work in partnership with West Midlands Police and Counter Terrorist Security Advisers and we have both overt and covert security measures in place. You will see some of these measures such as bag checking and airport style archways, other measures will not be visible but please be assured that plenty is going on behind the scenes to prevent crime and to keep you safe while you enjoy your visit.

Our security team are there for your safety. We ask that all visitor co-operate fully with security checks.


2. Clean

Enhanced venue sanitisation: Our thorough cleaning regimes have been extended. All communal areas are cleaned frequently and we will continue to maintain the cleaning of high contact surfaces throughout event days along with deep cleans in all public areas.

Focus on hygiene: Good hygiene is one of the most effective way to protect yourself from infection. Our focus continues with clear reminders about washing hands frequently and sanitiser stations will be available for your use throughout our venues.


3. Inclusive

Accessibility: Our venues welcome all kinds of audiences from business people attending trade shows, families coming to Crufts to fans of everything from darts to badminton to Iron Maiden! We take customer access very seriously and we are proud of the work we have done to make our venues accessible to all.

Space: We have large venues that afford space to those wanting to get away from the crowds: Being amongst groups of people can be tiring so we have created spaces in and around our venues for people to have a break, whether that’s relaxing in our Zen garden at the NEC or in our mall at the ICC, we encourage you to take advantage of the fact that we have lots of space for you to chat to friends or colleagues or indulge in some alone time.

Touch-free customer journeys: Human interaction is what we do but we understand that convenience is key and that many people will want to minimise unnecessary contact. We have taken advantage of tech solutions to provide contactless options. So, to minimise contact points when in our venues, you can pre-pay parking online, use our cashless options for payment at all food and drink outlets and even pre-order your food via an app.

Be kind: Be considerate to other visitors, give them time and space to enter and exit our venues, halls and food and drink areas where required, and understand they may have different needs to you.

We continue to work closely with event organisers and partners to ensure that we can deliver safe events, recognising that each event has differing requirements.

To view details for each of our businesses, please visit their respective websites:

Our staff 

It's our fantastic teams across the NEC Group that brings our vision to life, and it is of paramount importance that they too not only understand the measures but are comfortable and well equipped to deliver them. Staff will complete additional training and be provided with a range of return to work material. These will detail the measures we're taking front of house, but also behind the scenes and in the NEC Group offices to keep them safe too.

We are committed to working together to protect us all.