Which? Secondary ticketing report welcomed by The Ticket Factory

12 November 2015 Sunny Sahota

Which? Secondary ticketing report welcomed by The Ticket Factory

The Ticket Factory has welcomed the results of Which? Magazine’s latest research into the secondary ticketing market, which showed that they are ‘failing fans’.

The report showed tickets appearing on resale sites before they were officially released, saw tickets appear at the same time as the primary site, highlighted suspicious release patterns and found that re-sale restrictions were being ignored.

As a leading primary ticketing agent, The Ticket Factory is constantly working to help minimise the risk of tickets finding their way to the secondary market, and is urging fans to listen to the findings of last week’s report.

Stuart Cain, Managing Director at The Ticket Factory, said: “The report findings don’t necessarily bring new information to primary ticketing agents; just confirm even further what has been going on behind the scenes for some time. The lines between the primary and secondary sites are being blurred by secondary players and this misleads ticket buyers. Ultimately this means that the genuine fans are the ones who suffer because they end up paying over the odds for tickets, quite often pricing them out of the market, assuming they can get hold of them in the first place.”

The government introduced measures in May 2015 to ensure that secondary ticketing agents were more transparent, but it seems that more work is needed to ensure that fans aren’t missing out.

“We worked closely with the Department for Business, Skills and Innovation earlier this year to try and help protect genuine fans by consulting on their legislation and will continue to support with any evidence we have to further build on this to make the market place a fair and secure place to buy event tickets”, he went on to say.

To find out more about The Ticket Factory’s position on secondary ticketing, contact The Ticket Factory press office on 0121 767 3566.