Ticket Sales Whatever the Weather

03 March 2015 Sunny Sahota

Leading ticket experts, The Ticket Factory, have partnered with award winning digital marketing agency, Fast Web Media

To be the first and only ticketing agency to utilise a multi-award winning, innovative PPC software, that tailors advertising messages depending on real-time or forecast local weather, anywhere in the world.

weatherFIT is a pioneering Pay Per Click (PPC) tool, developed by Fast Web Media, which allows Google AdWords campaigns to be tailored based on real-time or forecast localised climate conditions.

The software will add another layer of sophistication to The Ticket Factory’s advertising campaigns, enabling the use of weather information to optimise when and where adverts are displayed.  Weather patterns are becoming less predictable and more extreme and whatever the weather, it all has a direct impact on the bottom line for retailers by influencing a consumer’s decision to make certain purchases, in this case tickets. weatherFIT helps to intuitively improve the overall return on investment by managing a better cost-per-click margin for campaigns.

The Ticket Factory’s Consumer Sales and Marketing Director, Kate Webb said, “weatherFIT is such a unique offering for our clients. So often customers’ decision making depends on what is happening outdoors. If the sun is shining thoughts of attending an outdoor event such as a flower show or festival couldn’t be more appealing. If it’s cold and rainy, indoor activities tend to be a more enticing prospect. 

“Having the power to automatically adapt our online sales messages depending on the weather is a really powerful tool. weatherFIT will enable us to target our PPC adverts based on weather conditions, either to affect last minute purchases for both outdoor and indoor events, or to encourage early sales by cross matching our detailed sales analysis against historic weather conditions.” 

Fast Web Media’s CEO Mike Flynn said, “We’ve known for years that the weather plays a key role in influencing people’s mood, their buying decisions and their choice in leisure activities, and weatherFIT gives brands a way of capitalising upon that relationship. We’re delighted that The Ticket Factory will be using weatherFIT and have no doubt that this will be a successful relationship.”