23 May 2017 Katy Barden

Our thoughts remain with those affected by recent tragic events and we admire and support the resilience shown by the families, emergency services and surrounding communities as they move forward at this time.

Public safety at our events continues to be our priority, and, together with local and national authorities, we are reviewing our security measures across our NEC Group venues on an on-going basis.

As previously explained, we don’t discuss specific security details as doing so is potentially detrimental to these measures, however, we continue to have more overt security measures in place including visible security personnel and dog patrols both throughout event periods and at other times at all venues.

Searches will also be carried out throughout the day and evening at all sites and we encourage visitors to events at our venues to arrives as early as possible to allow more time for enhanced security checks. They should bring only essentials and note that bags larger than a small laptop bag or handbag may not be allowed in.

These measures have been put in place to protect our customers, visitors and staff and to ensure the safety of events taking place at our venues is maintained throughout this period. Please don’t be alarmed. Our teams, who liaise with the police, exhibition and conference organisers and concert promoters on an on-going basis, are vigilant at all times and review security measures as necessary.

We encourage those attending our events to also remain vigilant and if something doesn’t look right, they should speak to staff or the police who will take appropriate action to sort it.