Promotion for Arena Electrical Development Coordinator

29 March 2023 Becky Humphries

The NEC Group’s Paul Sheldon receives a promotion to Electrical Development Coordinator as he drives apprenticeship programme.


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Paul Sheldon has worked with the NEC Group intermittently for 18 years, joining two of the Group’s world-class venues, Resorts World Arena and Utilita Arena Birmingham, permanently in 2019 as part of their ElectriX team.

Starting his career as an electrical apprentice himself, Paul understands the importance of investing in the next generation of talent and giving them on the job learning opportunities.

The Arena’s ElectriX team is responsible for providing large power supplies for event productions. With the support of colleagues, Paul has driven the ElectriX arm of the Group’s apprenticeship programme in recent years, now developing their second cohort of electrical apprentices. Their first cohort completed their NVQ Level 3 during COVID.

Taking the programme to the next level, Paul has now transformed a storage room at Resorts World Arena into a workshop. This will be used for apprentices to practice their skills and repair equipment, not only providing valuable experience for those starting out their careers but also giving equipment, that would have otherwise been replaced, an extra lease of life.

Paul Sheldon and his manager Pete Hammond work with local colleges to attract students to this unique course they provide, which allows budding electricians in the region to work on some of the world’s top events across Resorts World Arena Birmingham and Utilita Arena Birmingham.

Speaking on his promotion Paul Sheldon, said: “I see it as my job to hand over the knowledge and experience I have. I started as an apprentice, so I know how vital it is to have practical, hands-on experience.

“It’s been a real team effort putting the programme and subsequent workshop together, with staging and rigging helping to clear space for us and I’m really proud of what we’ve created.”

Pete Hammond, Senior Electrical Manager, said: “This was Paul’s project. He’s done a great job ensuring the workshop provides the apprentices with the environment they need to become qualified.

“From a storage room to a fully functioning training room, what he’s done is great. We hope that it excites current and future students and helps them realise their potential.”

The NEC Group wants to inspire the next generation of live events professionals and help young people find rewarding jobs. Working with regional colleges and universities independently, the Group employed 18 new apprentices across ElectriX, catering, hospitality, IT and event management and upskilled an additional 18 current staff in 2022 alone.

To find out more about the NEC Group’s apprenticeships scheme, please visit: