partnership with Firestone Tyres

13 August 2015 Becky Humphries

The Barclaycard Arena is embarking on its latest high profile partnership, with tyre manufacturer Firestone.

The deal will form part of Firestone’s efforts to reach a vibrant, youthful audience, complimenting their fresh association with music and some of Europe’s biggest festivals.  The agreement will generate significant awareness for the Firestone brand inside the arena through poster sites and experiential opportunities.

Phil Mead, Managing Director of the Barclaycard Arena said: “I am extremely pleased to announce Firestone’s partnership with the Barclaycard Arena.  Their decision to market within our arena highlights what an attractive proposition we have for thriving, international brands since its redevelopment last year.  The Barclaycard Arena will provide a great platform for Firestone to raise brand awareness with their target demographic of music lovers.”

Firestone’s sales and marketing director Farrell Dolan added: “After in-depth research, we found there to be a ‘natural fit’ between music and Firestone, where a young-at-heart demographic represents a perfect match for us. 

“This partnership allows us to reach out to a new audience, whilst representing a break-away from more typical, commonplace sponsorships in the tyre trade.

“Not only does music cross social and cultural boundaries, but it also taps into people’s emotions and provides Firestone with an ideal platform from which to continue its revitalisation.

“In addition, spectators are generally accepting of brands being present in music and we have found them to be extremely receptive at the festivals where we have boasted a presence.”

It is the beginning of what Firestone hopes will be a larger campaign, where music is used as the fulcrum of sales and marketing strategies in a number of different ways.

In addition, a new Firestone website has been launched, supplemented by a concerted social networking campaign on a variety of online channels.