Global launch of Dinosaurs In The Wild

08 June 2017 Jenna Hadley

It is the show that has been in the making for years – 67 million years to be exact – as Dinosaurs in the Wild, a new immersive live action dinosaur experience of unparalleled reality, comes roaring into the NEC.

Combining theatre, theme park fun and the very latest scientific research, Dinosaurs in the Wild will not only be the first event of its kind to be hosted in the UK, but heralds the dawn of a new era for the NEC as it will be the first extended tenancy show the venue has hosted.

Created by award-winning producers with a track record on some of the most successful l dinosaur productions of all time, the multi-million-pound attraction will take up residence in the UK’s No.1 venue for over nine weeks this summer.

Placehold Image
A full sized replica of a five-meter long, feathered female Dakotaraptor dinosaur outside the NEC

“We were keen to create something new that raised the bar for live action experiences. We are confident Dinosaurs in the Wild will do just that and we are equally confident that the NEC will be a fantastic launch venue,” explains Producer Jill Bryant, who also headed up the development and launch of the arena show Walking with Dinosaurs, which has attracted 8 million visitors worldwide.

 “We chose the NEC because the senior team were very supportive - and saw a real opportunity to be the first to host a new concept in family entertainment.     They were prepared to work with us and have provided real value, not just in the venue itself but with their experience in marketing to the region.

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Tyrannosaurus Rex

A global first, Dinosaurs in the Wild cleverly weaves together live sets, cutting-edge computer-generated imagery and animatronics to create a believable prehistoric world. Visitors will be able to see – and feel – for themselves what the world was like millions of years ago under the realm of the dinosaurs.

It is designed to make visitors feel as if they really are there with living dinosaurs, at that time in their world.

The show itself will be spectacular as stunning technology recreates the late Cretaceous period in all its primeval glory. The 70-minute adventure will transport visitors, who will be guided throughout the tour, back 67 million years by time machine to the scientific research station TimeBase 67, run by Chronotex Enterprises, the UK’s pioneering time travel company.

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Inside the Pathology Lab

With a family ‘theme park’ adventure feel, Dinosaurs in the Wild will attract new audiences who, it is hoped, will go on to explore the leisure and entertainment opportunities on offer at Resorts World Birmingham, which opened adjacent to the NEC in 2015.

Kathryn James, Managing Director of the NEC Group Conventions and Exhibitions can’t wait for Dinosaurs in the Wild to start, “We are thrilled to be hosting this incredible show and we are really excited about this unique experience coming to us for its launch outing before it tours the world. Stunning technology will recreate the late Cretaceous period in all its glory – and the thought of stepping out into a land of virtual reality is certainly an exciting one - I can’t wait!

 “Traditionally, our trade show community don’t hold many events in the summer months, but our Campus Masterplan is designed to make the NEC a year-round destination, and we think the timing is ideal for launching events with family appeal through the exhibitions ‘quiet time’.

“UK holidays are a growing trend, especially with the strength of sterling at the moment, and we’re tapping into that trend with a show that has enormous appeal for the mass market. We’re also hoping to lead the way with organisers adding extra content to extend their shows at the NEC – workshops and live experiences, multi-day events and the like, building not just their audiences but also footfall around the NEC site.”