Food for the Brain hat trick for Amadeus

01 October 2019 Ross Watson

Amadeus is celebrating after retaining Food for the Brain accreditation for a third consecutive year.

Amadeus has once again been handed the award by educational charity Food for the Brain, thanks to its work at the ICC in Birmingham, helping to promote the power of nutrition in mental health and wellbeing.

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Every dish on the menu has been designed to provide a natural, slow-release energy

The venue became the first conference centre in the UK to gain the accreditation back in 2017, with the team taking the progressive step to introduce a new conference menu designed to keep delegates alert and productive during long days. The innovative menu was recognised at the 2018 Catey Awards, winning gongs for health and nutrition.

On the back of this, ‘Focus Food’ menu packs were designed alongside the Food for the Brain Foundation over a six-month period, providing a range of nutritious options that help delegates maintain concentration while supporting general health.

Every dish on the menu has been designed to provide a natural, slow-release energy throughout the day for the delegate. The science behind this has become a mindset throughout Amadeus’ work at the ICC and is now considered across all menu development.

Phase two of Food for the Brain has now been launched, meaning there are new packages available to improve cognitive health amongst delegates. The menu introduces more vegetarian and starter options, a new ‘street bowls’ street food concept and an increase in non-gluten options.

David Titman, Food for the Brain Relationship Manager, said: “Being accredited for a third-year running is a huge achievement for Amadeus and the team excelled across all areas.

“Several standards must be met across criteria including the nutritional value of the menu, ingredient quality and cooking methods used.

“Working closely with the team at the ICC over the past three years has been a pleasure for us and it is fantastic to see them committed to the dedicated training programme for kitchen staff, front of house and sales staff.

“It’s important that everyone is on the same page so everyone knows why the menus have been created.”

Each course in the Focus Food menu is served at the time considered best for boosting performance and concentration, making sure delegates are mentally alert by maintaining a balanced blood sugar level.

The success of the menu, along with positive feedback from clients and the dedicated training of staff has played a huge part in the ICC being reaccredited for a third year.

Craig Hancox, Amadeus General Manager for the ICC, said: “We are thrilled to have been reaccredited by Food for the Brain for a third year. Food for the Brain’s criteria has become a natural part of the Amadeus offering, as we aim to provide nutritious catering for our delegates at the ICC.

“The catering industry continues to evolve – but the expectation for healthier food options to be provided at conference venues remains a constant. We thrive on providing the food that delegates require, accommodating every allergen and dietary requirement.

“Our team at Amadeus worked extremely hard to bring our ‘Focus Food’ menu to life and it is going from strength to strength. Our dishes are based on the Food for the Brain methodology and recommended nutrition, encompassing the philosophy that underpins the charity’s work.

“Training our team has been a large part of what we do, appointing champions across our departments to inform clients and delegates of the benefits of ‘Focus Food.”

Amadeus’ online menu selector has been updated with the new offering, to help organisers plan their perfect event menu at