Apprenticeship drive at Amadeus

05 March 2018 Ellie Rance

Amadeus, award-winning caterer to the NEC Group, is addressing the hospitality industry’s skills shortage through its innovative apprenticeship programme.

So far this year, Amadeus has successfully recruited 12 new apprentices who will gain practical, real-life experience working within the NEC Group venues, combined with practical training provided in partnership with local educational institution University College Birmingham (UCB).

UCB, internationally renowned for its food and hospitality courses, have joined forces with Amadeus for the first time to offer bespoke Level 2 Commis Chef Apprenticeships. Working alongside professional chefs both within Amadeus and UCB, the recruited apprentices will learn how to develop and deliver high end menus and products.

The 12 candidates will work towards positions of permanent employment with Amadeus in a bid to help the company develop a strong pipeline of future talent, with additional apprenticeship drives taking place through the year.

The company is currently set to reach its target of training 200 apprentices by 2020.

Kevin Watson, Managing Director of Amadeus, said:

“People are the lifeblood of Amadeus – like all other large-scale caterers, we are constantly in need of new talent to help the company thrive.

“It’s no secret that hospitality leaders are struggling to recruit, and that businesses need to take innovative steps in order to attract and retain talent the sector needs.

“Amadeus have always invested in apprenticeships, but our ambitious targets demonstrate our commitment to building exciting and rewarding careers in hospitality and catering.

“By developing bespoke programmes in partnership with our local institutions, we are training up versatile individuals that understand the nuances of different types of catering we operate in – be that retail, hospitality or standalone banqueting.”

Gail Tipper, Head of Apprenticeships at UCB, said:

“Earlier this year we cemented our partnership with Amadeus – the deal is one of the first for UCB that reflects the government’s new apprenticeship regulations and we are excited to be part of Amadeus’ quest to bring on the next generation of top chefs.”

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Amadeus apprentice recruits