Amadeus introduce new beverage bug and break records

13 July 2015 Jenna Hadley

Award winning caterer Amadeus has achieved record breaking sales following the introduction of a new, stand-alone drink concept strategically placed in the NEC Group Arenas based in Birmingham.

Capitalising on the success of ‘beer hawking’, Amadeus has developed a solution that dispenses alcoholic beverages quickly to consumers in high footfall areas, reducing wait time and increasing service efficiency. The innovative drink dispenser resulted in £34.6k additional revenue across seven Take That concerts in May.

The concept was initially created to dispense Stella beer and has become affectionately known as a ‘beer bug’. Spotting an opportunity to appeal to a female market at busy concerts and broaden choices for alcoholic beverages at summer events, Amadeus developed the ‘Beer Bug’ concept to include a ‘Fruit Bug’ serving Pimms and a ‘Fizzy Bug’ serving Prosecco.

Marc Frankl – Food and Beverage Director at Amadeus, said: “We’re delighted with the success of the Beverage Bugs, as not only did they deliver incremental revenue but they delivered excellent customer service too, serving people quickly and efficiently to minimise queue times.
“They are a fantastic addition to our permanent food and drink kiosks and contributed to record-breaking sales of over £690K. We’re looking forward to rolling out the concept across our other venues that host high-footfall events, as well as licensing the concept to third parties.”
During the Take That concerts, held at the NEC Group’s Genting Arena, the Fizzy Bug topped the sales chart, with over 1,600 glasses of Prosecco dispensed, followed by over 1,200 glasses of Stella and 1,187 glasses of Pimms.

Amadeus are now considering other high volume opportunities in which the fizzy, beer and fruit bugs would make an impact to customer service and sales revenue as part of their aggressive on-going growth strategy."

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The Genting Arena saw records broken