30 June 2016 Jenna Hadley

In their 40th year, Amadeus, part of the NEC Group, are celebrating another year of significant growth

By delivering a 7% increase in revenue for 2015/16 and a growth of 26% in profit. This adds to the success in the last four years by Amadeus which has resulted in growth of £10m in revenue and an improved EBITDA by 109% to £6.2m.

Managing Director of Amadeus Kevin Watson, commented on the results, “We made concerted effort in 2015 to change the culture of Amadeus from serving to selling with the customer experience being at the heart of all decisions. We implemented a new training programme to encourage staff to make appropriate recommendations to reduce the effort and time of decision making for the customer. This results in customers receiving faster service and ensures they get exactly what they want.”

The Board of Amadeus have driven the growth of the business in the last  five years and were a handpicked by Kevin Watson for their individual ability to grow Amadeus rapidly. They include Chris Reynolds (Sales Director), Tony Baldock (Operations Director), Marc Frankl (Food and Beverage Director), Emma Thorn (Head of Marketing) and Miles Jones (Head of Finance).

Amadeus have also delivered strong new business growth in this financial year including securing £20m worth of revenue over two contracts, Belfast Waterfront and Ulster Hall and Delapre Abbey in Northamptonshire., adding to the total of £25m of new business secured between 2011/12 and 2015/16. Kevin added, “We are extremely excited about the new business we have contracted for 2016/17 as the venues fit perfectly within our existing portfolio. We are always on the lookout for new opportunities and aim to create even more new partnerships over the coming years.”

Amadeus is also seeing growth in its standalone events business, with the team achieving 109% of its annual target in the first period of 2016/17. “This area of our business has seen a phenomenal amount of growth and it’s exciting to see what our event team are capable of” said Kevin “In 2016 the team delivered their first event in Europe and won two industry awards for their achievements. It will be exciting to see how this area of the business grows.”